Christel Morvan is a French Illustrator, art director, motion designer, and projection artist based in Ghent, Belgium.

Her work finds inspiration in symbols and the occult, semiotics, surrealism, mythologies, as well as in science fiction. It is also infused with technology, thanks to which she brings her artworks to life, either by AR, VR or via her live projections which move and transform alongside music.

She has presented a short animated film at TEDx Brussels 2018 and is since 2017 a part of the music project “Empusae”, for which she is developing specific imagery and a series of interactive live projections.

She is also working as a VJ in numerous music projects and festivals, among which Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, Consouling Sounds, and Traumatic.

Live shows

  • Monnik - Dustbug - Empusae, a dark ambient experience , Chinastraat, Belgium, 2020
  • Consouling 'In Residence' live at Snuffel, Brugge, Belgium - 2020

  • Consouling presents: Hypnodrone Ensemble, Empusae, Monnik in N9, Belgium  - 2019

  • Art direction & live projections for the festival 24h Deep Listening - Clubzaaltje Hingene, Belgium  2019

  • Empusae China Tour (Beijing, Zhengzhou, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Changsha, Xiamen, Shenzhen and Guangzhou) - 2019

  • SOMA, Multimedia production on Huxley's A Brave New World, Live animation, TEDxBrussels, Bozar, Brussels, Belgium - 2018

  • NeegeDuustRec: Empusae presents "Lueur", Muziekcentrum Kinky Star, Ghent, Belgium - 2018

  • Empusae live at Maschinenfest, Oberhausen Germany - 2017

  • Empusae live at Daft Jarrings Effects vol.12, Nagoya, Japan - 2017

  • Empusae live Dommune, Tokyo, Japan, 2017

  • Art direction and live projections, Ogentroost, release show of the album Empusae, Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, Belgium - 2017

  • Empusae live at Kinky star, Ghent, Belgium - 2017

  • Empusae live at Dark Rapture Festival, Poland - 2017 

  • Live performance et Bring You Own Beamer festival, Ghent, Belgium - 2016

  • Empusae Live at Hradby Samoty festival Váhom, Slovakia (16.07.16, CZ),

  • Circular Soundscapes, Germany - 2016


  • Solo exhibition, Consouling Store - 2015

  • Blois, France - 2004


  • FIAV, Transhumanismes, Casablanca, Morocco - 2019

  • Bains-Douches (in duet with Annabelle Morvan), RectoVRso,
    Laval, France - 2018

  • Prosthetic Reality, MOD, Adelaid, Australia - 2018

  • Prosthetic Reality, House of VR, Tonroto -2017

  • Gif exhibition, HEY!, Paris, France - 2017


  • Schwarzebawern magazine interview - EN/DE -2022
  • Schwarzesbayern magazine interview - EN/DE - 2021
  • Dark entries interview - NL - 2019
  • Underground History in the making! Consouling Sounds: in Residence - EN - 2019
  • Drie singles, evenveel koortsdromen - NL - 2019
    “...” The mesmerizing music would almost make you forget the visual aspect of “Iso”. The video clip of the song, made by Christel Morvan alias Nesisart, is however also of a high level. For once, the drones are not accompanied by black and white nature images. Of a nineteenth-century-like, dead-quiet portrait of a woman, which is slowly being pulled apart. Francis Bacon's screaming pope, but much more disturbing. “...”

  • Empusae / Monnik / Dustbug - Next level - NL - 2019

    “...” It is up to Empusae to surpass that. The illustrious duo, far back on stage, behind their respective tables, had been working all night on the images and motion designer Christel Morvan now releases them on the audience. It was clear that the combination of the two leads a life of its own. Images of unpleasant but peaceful forests from which a ghost (man as an eternal (environmental) torturer's mind) emerges were filled in with hard-to-define sounds, which Van Meirhaeghe blared out of the boxes with the bow or the countless devices on his table.

    His voice, too, played an important role and became dark and opera-like, while the painting of a woman with two fingers in the neck, as if she felt her own heartbeat, slowly melted away and remained on the screen like candle wax while geometric figures pulsed to the beat of the music. Ultimately, Empusae purged a rhythmic riff from a stringed instrument to catch us completely in his net. This was no longer a concert, but an inseparable whole that makes you think, challenge and excite. Music of the next level.

    The full moon lit a cloudless sky when we returned home. But she could not dispel the fog, the taste and the images left in our heads by the three artists. And that was not the intention. “...”

  • Twenty-four Hours of Deep Listening
    Short documentary about the first edition of 24HDL - Twenty-four Hours of Deep Listening, organised by Consouling Sounds. With: BARST, ASHTORETH, Empusae (Nicolas Van Meirhaeghe and Christel Morvan), dustbug and many others. Photography: Bart Verhelst.

VJ sets

  • Cold meat Industry, the 35th anniversary, VJ for the whole festival, Sodra Theatern, Swedden - 2022
  • Waves od Darkness 2, VJ set for the festival, Sweden - 2021
  • Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, OXIL, Zofingen, Switzerland - 2020

  • Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio inkl. SSM, MS Connexion Complex, Mannheim, Germany - 2020

  • Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, Hellraiser, Leipzig, Germany - 2020

  • Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, Golden Nugget Club & Bar, Nuremberg, Germany - 2020

  • Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, Bi Nuu, Berlin, Germany - 2020 

  • Waves of Darkness on the Baltic Sea, VJ set for ORE - 2019

  • Traumatic – 5 Years, Minus One, Ghent, Belgium - 2019

  • Traumatic Label Night, Minus One, Ghent, Belgium - 2017